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Bosch Integrus infrared language distribution system

Integrus is a system for wireless distribution of audio signals via infra-red radiation. It can be used in a simultaneous interpretation system for international conferences where multiple languages are used. The interpretations created are then distributed throughout the conference venue, so delegates can select their language of choice and listen to it through headphones.

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Infrared Distribution

DCN Wireless Integrus Infrarer

The most effective method of distributing the interpretations is by using a Bosch Integrus infrared language distribution system. Infrared means wireless, so delegates have total freedom of movement. It means information integrity, because distributed signals cannot pass beyond the conference hall. And now, with the Bosch Integrus system, it means better than ever audio quality, with no interference from hall lighting, see image.

In simple terms, an infrared distribution system consists of a transmitter, one or more radiators and a number of receivers. Various accessories are also available, such as headphones cables and battery charges.

The transmitter is the central element of the Integrus system. It accepts inputs from either analog or digital sources, modulates these signals on to carrier waves, and then transmits the waves to infrared radiators located elsewhere in the room. The transmitter accommodates special interface modules to ensure compatibility with these external signal sources. Depending on the transmitter model, up to 32 separate channels can be transmitted simultaneously.

The output of the infrared radiators is intensity-modulated infrared radiation. Each delegate is supplied with a pocket receiver, which has a lens to collect the infrared signal and direct it to the sensor. These signals are then decoded back into interpretation languages, which are chosen by delegates using a channel selector and passed to the delegate's headphones.

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Advance digital technology

The Integrus language distribution system incorporates unique, specially developed Bosch ir-Digital technology that is characterised by a number of features.

Characteristics of Infrared distribution

Infrared radiation is an ideal medium for audio distribution. It is invisible to the human eye and can carry multiple channels, each with a separate language, over relatively large distances. And, above all it is a wireless distribution system, so conference participants can receive interpretations without being physically connected to the system.

Freedom of movement for delegates

With an Bosch Integrus nfrared system, delegates have great freedom in movement throughout the conference room. As the interpretations are transmitted through the air, there is no physical connection to the system, so the only limitations are the walls of the venue itself. The receivers used by delegates to pick up the signal are lightweight, portable and unobtrusive and can be easily slipped into a shirt or jacket pocket.

Conference hall privacy

Conferences can often include discussion of sensitive information, where it is important that any audio distribution does not compromise security. As infrared radiation is unable to pass through opaque structures such as walls, the congress venue itself acts as a barrier to infrared radiation escaping and being overheard.

Language distribution in adjacent halls.

Infrared systems are ideally suited for conference centres with a number of halls, since walls are opaque to infrared radiation, there is no interference between separate conferences.

No interference from lighting systems

One of the limitations of traditional infrared language distribution systems was interference from lighting. The problem was particularly acute with newer (florescent) lighting systems, which operate at higher frequencies and therefore cause more interference. The Integrus system has completely solved this problem by using a much higher frequency band - 2 to 8 MHz - for audio distribution.

Freedom from interference for all types of venue lighting brings two major advantages: audio quality is greatly improved and systems can be used much more easily on a rental basis, because they are compatible with all types of venue lighting.

Audio Quality

The Integrus system offers greatly improved audio quality. Better compression techniques and a higher signal-to-noise ratio means that the received signal is much clearer. Greater intelligibility makes the system less tiring to use over extended periods. Delegates can therefore maintain their concentration levels more easily during a long conference session.

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