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Example 10 - Audio expansion and audio logging

The situation:

Have all audio recorded or distributed

Shopping list

  1. Delegate unit
  2. Chairman unit
  3. Hand microphone
  4. Central control equipment
  5. Large screen
  6. Interpreter desk
  7. Personal computer with DCN Control Software
  8. Loudspeakers

Non-participating listeners can follow proceedings by listening to additional loudspeakers. If logging is required to record the floor and simultaneous interpretation, the logging device can be connected to the DCN System. This can be accomplished over relatively long distances and without loss of quality via fiber optic cabling. The DCN System provides analog or digital audio outputs and inputs. This enables you to keep audio in the digital domain, guaranteeing high audio quality. If the audio has to be broadcasted, it can be taken directly from the DCN System.

There is a growing demand for audio systems where signal processing and amplification components are distributed throughout a facility. That is why DCN Next Generation interfaces easily with CobraNet™, which is the industry‚Äôs leading technology for distributing uncompressed real-time digital audio over a fast ethernet network.

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