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Example 1 - Discussion

The situation:

The situation: all delegates have a microphone unit with a built-in loudspeaker for high speech intelligibility.

Shopping list

  1. Delegate unit
  2. Chairman unit
  3. Flush mount panel
  4. Central control equipment

Delegates request the floor by pressing the microphone button. It is easier to keep attention centrally focused as a limited number of microphones can be open at the same time. This helps keep order and speeds up the meeting process.

Delegates who request the floor after the maximum has been reached are placed on a waiting list. The chairman can listen, register requests to speak, and override other delegates by using a priority key. In this case, all delegate microphones will be muted and an attention tone will be heard. In this way, the chairman can easily guide and control the meeting.

A rostrum for guest speakers is equipped with a flush-mounted DCN Microphone and Loudspeaker. Hand-held microphones for audience members can be used with or without floor stands. All DCN equipment is connected directly to the central control unit.

This CCU supplies power to all units, provides audio equalization for all delegate loudspeakers, and is used to determine the microphone operating mode. No operator is required.

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