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Example 7- Camera Control

The situation:

Camera control automatically shows an image of the current speaker on a screen.

Camera facility automatically shows current speakers on screen

Shopping list

  1. Delegate unit
  2. Chairman unit
  3. Flush mount panel
  4. Central control equipment
  5. Large screen
  6. AutoDome® camera
  7. Fixed camera
  8. Personal computer with DCN Control Software
  9. Individual screen

Camera control automatically shows an image of the current speaker on a screen. A visual dimension not only generates interest and focuses attention, but also tells participants and observers who is speaking.

DCN can automatically show an image of the current speaker on monitors or projection screens in the main hall, lobby, interpreters’ booths, breakout rooms or anywhere else required. Delegate information will also appear on the screen.

Camera control is automatic, so no attention is required from operators. Bosch AutoDome® cameras are ideal for this application.

The operator does not have to adjust the configuration, as the system does it automatically. When setting up a video conference between sites, the system is especially useful, as delegates from the various locations will always have the sound, image and name of the current speaker.

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